Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Model's Wanted

Hey Everyone. So one Priject Runway the designers have model's. I need 14 models. If you want to be one fill out this form :

Name :
Model job before(If you have):
Why you should :

Rachel x


  1. Name : Evie
    sd name; sassy.doll
    Model job before(If you have): the stardoll time & others. my blog.

    Why you should : because i think i worked hard on my medoll! and i want it too me starred as a model!

  2. heeyyy...culd i b a model??
    Name-ultracide on sd(sanira in real)
    i havent been a model b4!!!
    Why-coz i havent seen many non-ss models,n i wanna try out dif. stuff...dey r mre reasons bt i guess these r enough.......n if i bcum a model 4 dis project my blog culd sponsor dis project n u culd sponsor my blog!! =]

  3. Name : Mariam
    Sd Name : 4mariam
    Model job before(If you have):i am in Style Magazine ( Still not released )
    Why you should : Because simply i represent myself :D

  4. Name :Jennifer hotgirl1501
    Model job before(If you have):In her shoes blog
    Why you should :I'm pretty

  5. Name: Sarah- ErzaForever98 .

    Model Job Before (If you have): I still didn`t.

    Why You Should: Because I`m original, pretty and always myself!

  6. Name: Crissybieber (Cristina)

    Model Job Before: i havent had one.
    SD name: Crissybieber

    Why you should: because i am a fun, original person and with a random scense of style.

  7. SD name : cinderhella

    model job : not had it before

    Why you should : because i am hardwoking and i never give up and keep on trying and im just original i guess . :)

    thanks :)

  8. Name: Jessica
    Stardoll name: Jay.Pattinson
    Model job before: none :s
    Why you should :Well, I think I should be a model because I think I have a diferent look, and I think I deserve this oportunity. And altought I didn't had any model job before, if pepole don't give us (inexpirient girls) an oportunity, we will never be descoverd.

  9. Name: Maille (pronounced Molly)
    Stardoll Name: zoeyfan98
    Modle Jobs: None on stardoll, but I've modeled in real life in recycled fashion shows, and in other photoshoots.
    Why I should: I've never done anything in Stardoll, (competitions and such) so I think it would be a fun experience. Plus, I'm not afraid in fashion to take big steps, and I love to model in real life, so why not on Stardoll? ;D

  10. Name: Vanessa
    Stardoll Name: BonJour360
    Model Jobs : My blog's magazine, MissAnokax96 magazine.
    Why I should: Because I love fashion and I have always wanted to be a model in real life. I think it would be a fun and amazing experience to become one in stardoll. XD

  11. Name : salina (my middle name is maggie or Margaret and my friends call me maggie)
    stardoll name : maggie_347
    Model job before(If you have): on my old account ( candychic184 i was in my own album, but not much after that.
    Why you should : my dream is to become a model, i love fashion- its my life, there are probably alot or girls and a few boys out there too that want to become models and i am one of them ( derr) im funny, easy to work with and it would be great if i was a model on stardoll

    thanx, maggie xoxo <3

  12. Name : milly_hottie (amelia or milly)
    Model job before(If you have): top model magazone
    Why you should : i always love being a model for magazine i love dressing up my doll and changing her style and look

    good luck to all!
    <3 Milly_hottie

  13. Name :Evie (party-diva02)
    Model job before(If you have):I`ve modeled for Lipstick magazine.
    Why you should : I love modeling for people. I love changing my medoll and working for people. I will work with anyone for the best results. I wont be scared to apply stupid,pathetic makeup for you either.The Display picture I have isn`t my updated medoll .I`ll change it later.

  14. Name : isabella
    Model job before(If you have): none...
    Why you should : experience i am my own person with my own style, personality etc. just having a go is my main goal yes i would love to win but having fun is all that matters its would be heaps of fun

    visit me and my blog


  15. Name : Vicky (Princessvx)
    Model job before(If you have): No model jobs (:
    Why you should : As I said before, I never done this kind of thing, but was always interested.
    I have been rejected a lot of times, for not having the right look, but I feel as if I have a unique style, which goes between crazy and risky.
    Being a model would raise my self-confidence, knowing that I do have what it takes to bring my talent of modelling into the SD world.

  16. Name :sandy(soundmoonlight)
    Model job before(If you have): Not Yet
    Why you should : I would love to be a model because I'm one of those girls who think that they have to be skinny to be pretty. But now I know that the way you look don't matter and I want to show other stardollians that